What’s New?


When: 8/27 4-6pm 8/28 1-4pm

Where: Peninsula College Little Theater

What to Expect:

Singing – Please bring sheet music or have something prepared a cappella.

Acting – We will have excerpts from the script we will have you read. (see below for character list)

Dancing – There will be a short piece of choreography that will be taught at time of audition.

Panto is fun for all ages so we encourage everyone in the community who would like to participate to please come out and be part of the fun! If you are not interested in being on the stage but would still like to be a part of Panto in other ways please let us know!


Character List

Goldilocks (Goldy) – Loyal, confident and proudly basic, Goldyknows what’s up. Take care of your people and your place, and the rest is irrelevant. Sometimes she misses things. Important things. But she knows who she is.

Frederick Fox – Smart. Has too many jobs, and gets too little sleep, but he knows something’s afoot. And he WILL get to the bottom of it. 

Rose Red (Rosie) – What some might call ‘bougie’, Rose is a good friend, and also bored out of her skull by small village life. She has the heart of an explorer, and might be just a touch angry about a best friend who assumes she wants the same things in life as her. Also, hopeless romantic.

Billy Blanca – A wolf in wolf’s clothing. Super okay with whatever he wants and adjusts society around his vision. Never troubled by ethics or rules. Or laws. Smooth as silk, with a heart the size of a pea.

Rita, Queen of the Trash Pandas – Might become ethical if she has long enough to think on it. Always almost having revelations when – SHINY THING! Incahoots with Billy Blance, some of the time.

Papa Bear – Silence is golden, and too many creatures chatter too much. Stoic, proud of how little he needs. Takes care of his community.

Mama Bear – Five time winner of the ‘Capable of Canning Anything’ contest. Doesn’t brag, but knows what she knows. Proud of her baby bear. Has high expectations.

Baby Bear – In love with Shakespeare. Follows rules. Hates not following rules, but also has a mad crush on Baby Pig, who has never met a rule she doesn’t shatter. Serious, but with a soft side. Loves words.

Papa Pig – Pretty sure he’s the smartest swine in the room. Decent creature, just a bit full of himself. Very open about his accomplishments. Seldom leaves home without a dickie, which hides his chin. He’s verrry sensitive about his chin.

Mama Pig – has never met a cleaning job she doesn’t love. Arranges, fixes, connects. She takes her duties as An Important Pig’s Wife very seriously. Also has a sly sense of humor. Does not want her daughter to marry Baby Bear.Works actively against it. 

Baby Pig – Actively planning her wing walking Fly With Pigs company. Thinks life is too short not to go full tilt. She fences, creates her own languages, loves to run wild in the woods. Also loves Baby Bear, but thinks he needs to lighten up. Knows her mom is against them, which is part of the fun. Gets what she wants, then changes what she wants.

Aunty G – May or may not have murdered all her husbands. Says of course not, then winks. On the hunt for husband number… can’t remember. Goldy’s Auntie, became her parent after Goldy’s parents ran off to be interesting. Takes nothing seriously if she can help it.

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