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KRON is a state of mind. It’s knowing the time to leave a party is before it starts. It’s long walks on the beach, followed by a nap that extends into a night’s sleep. It’s knowing that the world is ending, but making a pie anyway. KRON is also the brainchild of Shannon Cosgrove, Jennifer Horton and Bailey Loveless. Shannon Cosgrove (crone) created the idea for a fundraiser for JFFA and PA Panto, and now she along with Horton (maiden) and Loveless (mother) continue to invite themselves to stages to share their misguided wisdom with the masses. Mix a little improv with a heaping scoop of comedy and musicality and you’ve got a perfect recipe. Want more details on their upcoming performance at the Juan de Fuca Festival? Then head on over to http://www.jffa.org


Also performing at the Juan de Fuca Festival is our very own Marley Reeder as Pinocchio in “Pinocchio Tells the Truth”. Come watch Pinocchio spill the tea on his “friends” of Pantoland! Where can you see this delicious doling of dirt? Happening Sunday May 29 at noon on the outdoor stage. Don’t miss this gossipy goodness. Also it’s free (but please consider a donation towards our scholarship program) so now you have no excuses!


PA Panto 2022 is happening! Stay tuned to this page for audition information coming soon!

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