Nemesis Theater Productions

Shannon Cosgrove Naomi Alstrup

Our History

Nemesis Theater Productions began over ten years ago when two creative ladies met while working together for a caburlesque troupe. When they wrote, produced, choreographed, and directed the final show for The Girdle Scouts they realized they had something magical and Nemesis was born. They went on to produce several other original productions including Spark, Killing the Bard, and Santa’s Rumspringa. Then one day Shannon brought her idea to Naomi for a British style Panto and things took off from there. Shannon and Naomi continue to write, produce, choreograph, and direct all of their own original works and will focus on bringing Panto to their little corner of the world to usher in the holiday season.

Directors hard at work

“It’s the best of both world! Twin Peaks meets Monty Python!”

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