2020… wow.

Hello, panto lovers! Our current panto is rolling along. The writing is going well, especially as Shannon, our resident playwright, has all the time in the world to finish it! It’s an upside, and she’ll take ’em as they show themselves. When not rewriting a Lizzo song for our fabulous Dame, she’s getting her book finished. Like it’s her day job. Because right now, it is.

Naomi is color coding her wine by times of day she’s allowing herself a glass. Noon is a lovely pino gris! She’s furiously choreographing all the things that have been rescheduled for…? Active life will continue after this deep and (hopefully) creative pause.

We wish you all peace and health during this enforced break. We know one thing, in the British style:

Loo roll will not save you. Relying on your network will. Staying calm in the face of uncertainty will. Learning how to churn whipping cream out of dried lentils will not, but it will make you impressive. Make something. Bake something. Go for long walks in the fresh air. Hang on and stay with us. We’ll meet on the other side.

For now, we’ll continue to prepare our next production: Goldilocks and the Ultimate Rampage, for you. And we’ll encourage you to audition for it. Or come out and enjoy it. We’re making it for you.

Our love letter to our home. See you all when it’s safe.

Nemesis (Naomi & Shannon)

Published by papanto15

Shannon lives in the dreamscape of the upper left corner of Washington State. She writes, stages plays, mutters to herself in public and is always outside, when possible. C

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