Panto and You…

“Look behind you!”


“Oh no you’re not!”

Panto, or Pantomime for those of us who like additional consonants, is an ancient art form.

From it’s rich lineage of a guy named Sid realizing he had a need to stand in front of people and emote in Ancient Rome, to that one lady you nearly recognize from Eastenders (a show in Britain that has been on television for nearly as long) playing the fairy godmother in a Panto in Durham, it has been a staple of British culture for centuries.

There are rules. There is etiquette. All of it requires you to be silly, and downright boisterous. The interactive nature of Panto is what makes it perfect for our little hamlet of Port Angeles.

Northwesterners don’t like to be told what to do. It’s why we can say with absolutely no irony at all that we’re wearing our ‘good flannel’ on date night, and why socks are a natural pairing with Birkenstock’s (“My feet get cold”).

We appreciate culture, but don’t stand on ceremony. And we like to laugh. So, whether you’re an Anglophile, a comedy lover or someone who needs to get the kids out of the house for a couple of hours this holiday season, come and join us! Celebrate what one theater called, “a raucous comedy filled with music and one liners you’ll have to see at least twice”, and another described as “I have no idea what just happened, but I want it to happen again!”

This British tradition with an American twist is here to stay. Written by a local playwright, and staged with local actors, there’s so much for you to enjoy. Come be part of the fun!

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