Skate, Play and Stay… in PA!

Something is afoot in the lovely hamlet of Port Angeles, WA. The end of 2018 marked a year of winter fun and firsts. Under the auspices of the Port Angeles Chamber of Commerce, the town became a winter wonderland, boasting a first ever outdoor ice skating rink, along with an original panto style holiday play titled: Snow White & the Five Housemates. On any given day, downtown PA rang with people laughing, skating, drinking hot chocolate and having a good time.

It was successful beyond anyone’s wildest metrics of success. 2019 will be the second annual season of Skate, Play & Stay, offering a larger skating rink and a new Panto for people to enjoy. This year’s offering: Hansel, Gretel & Barbra, will run over 3 weekends in December. Tickets will be available on the PA Chamber website, beginning November 1st, 2019.

For more information on the skate park and panto, and to buy tickets, visit the chamber website at:

To check out the playwright’s work, head to

For all things Port Angeles, go on over to:

They have 331 Things to Do… bet you can’t do them all in one visit!

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